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Ghost Runner by Madboni
Sunrise Photography

Watermelon by n00brevolution

Original Acrylic Abstract Squares Canvas Painting Artwork 30x15'Data Movement'Using a palette from a previous painting, I used exclusively straight flat brushes to create a constant pattern of squares, while using my sense of graphics. I tried stacking smaller shapes over large ones to give a sense of constriction, but also mind numbing detail as an illusion, because there isn’t any~ Just squares, over and over. Another feature I tried to apply was having a sense of center to the painting by using more dark colors on the outside of the painting, with brighter ones on the inside.

「魚の夢」/「人米」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail

40x30 acrylic painting landscape mountain original large artwork OOAK for home decor or wall art.Inspired by quiet movement, a sense of life where there is none. Drawn out from the idea of the areas of the earth that part of the year exist without sunlight (Alaska, Siberia). Places where trees grow part of the year.
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Abstract Digital Vector Artwork Home Decor Geometric kaleidoscope ShapesHigh Quality Print with 300 dpi

Digitally revamped high quality art piece of Botticelli’s classic masterpiece ‘Birth of Venus’ Done in Illustrator and Photoshop!
Buy here for $10.00USD & up
3 Months, 200 Layers This artwork has been given a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt. A beautifully detailed digital vector. This print is perfect for a homeowner who loves classical artwork with a modern spin! Birth of Venus is a public domain painting. For more information on the history of the original painting: Birth of Venus (Re-vamped)MEDIUM: PrintDIMENSIONS: Vary ( Length, Height in inches)ARTIST: C. Williams|Serated
Melting iceby m-eralp